Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend of Warhammer Fantasy 13th - 15th August 2010

With Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th edition released in just a month, here's a list of battles fought over the weekend.

1000 points - Skaven (Alvin) vs Warriors of Chaos (Kang). Victory to Skaven
1000 points - Skaven (Alvin) vs Warriors of Chaos (Eugene (the other one, not KKK)). Victory to Skaven again!
1000 points - Skaven (Kang) vs Warriors of Chaos (Kevin). Victory to Skaven. Triple kill!
1000 points - High Elf (Chi Yuen) vs Daemons of Chaos (Kenneth). Victory to Daemons
1000 points - Beastmen (Peng) vs Tomb Kings (Nicholas). Victory to Beastmen
3000 points - Tomb Kings (Nicholas) vs Vampire Counts (Eugene - KKK). Victory to Vampires Counts.
1000 points - Beastmen (Peng) vs Skaven (Alvin). Victory to Skaven.

There was also a mini tournament! Organized by only 3 players among themselves; Peng, Alvin and Kang. Each one of them have to play against each other, the winner wins a Snickers bar! The results for their games:

1000 points - Beastmen (Peng) vs Warriors of Chaos (Kang). Victory to Beastmen
1000 points - Beastmen (Peng) vs Skaven (Alvin). Victory to Beastmen
1000 points - Skaven (Alvin) vs Warriors of Chaos (Kang). Victory to Skaven.

Mini-tourney result: - Peng won the mini snickers!

As commented by Peng on his win, mostly it's due to his magic buffing up his units that won the game. Imagine fighting against T5 beastmen! They're die hard!

There you have it! A weekend full of battles! 8th edition in full swing! Moods getting high, new tactics displayed, magic blasting away foes and friendly, war machines blasting away units, brutal close combats and what's most important, a whole lot of fun!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Time for 40k...

Here's something for the guys playing 40k, sung to the tune of a recent World Cup favourite...

***** DAKKA DAKKA! *****

You're a good soldier;
Choosing your battles
Pick your dice up
And do your roll off
And back on the table

You're on the front line;
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're on turn fiver
This isn't over

The pressure is on; You feel it
But you'll wipe them all; Plasma it
When you roll, gets hot, Oh oh...
And then you roll, gets hot, Oh oh...

Psykana Eldar Loota Tau'va
Cuz this is 40k
Psykana Eldar eh eh
Dakka Dakka eh eh
Psykana Eldar Loota Tau'va
It's time for 40k

Read up the rulebook;
This is our motto

Don't come to whine
It's assault nine
A Spiritus Ordo

People are praising;
Your nice conversions

Show how you paint them
It's like your Gargant
With decorations

You saved all day; Just rolled it
It's two plus hey; Believe it
Then you get one, fed up Oh oh...
And you get one, fed up eh eh...

Psykana Eldar Loota Tau'va
It's time for 40k
Psykana Eldar eh eh
Dakka Dakka eh eh
Psykana Eldar Loota Tau'va
Tactica aa
Psykana Eldar eh eh
Dakka Dakka eh eh
Psykana Eldar Loota Tau'va
It's time for 40k

Monday, August 2, 2010

First 8th Edition for KC's Empire and Don's Ogre Kingdom

30th July 2010

Don and I decided to our first 8th edition of warhammer. Fielding 2250 points worth of army on each side and playing full set of rules for terrain and scenario. I built my army based on my usual style of play, mixing knights, infantry, shooting and warmachines in my army but this time, I could field 2 lord class characters! With 562 points, I could field my Archlector and a Grand Templar. My archlector, I would use my standard set that I've used during 7th edition but for the Grand Templar, I tried for the new Sword of Bloodshed. That would make my Grand Templar have 7 attacks! Take that you nasty ogres!

Ogre's facing the Empire units

We rolled off for the type of battle scenario and we got Dawn Attack. We checked the rules and found out that the battle field would require D6 + 4 terrains. We rolled again and the total terrain was eight! Each terrain was also generated using 2D6 and a variety of terrain was generated. We take turns placing the terrain and I believe it would make an interesting battle as we would need to maneuver our troops.

Archlector on War Altar and Empire Knights led by Grand Templar

Deployment was unique and the first time I've playing in such random deployment. First we rolled against each other to see who determines the player that deploys first. The player that deploys, have to deploy his whole army before the next player. We rolled and Don won the dice roll. He opts for me to deploy first and as we read on, for each of my unit, I have to roll a D6. On a roll of 1, that unit is to be deployed on my left flank, on a roll of 2, my right flank, roll of 3 - 5, to be deployed in the centre and on a roll of a 6, I get to choose the location. After all my units were deployed, I felt that my forces were spread pretty badly with my general in far right with my "hammer" unit and my Battle Standard Bearer in the left flank. My large unit of swordmen was the only unit in the middle along with its two detachments.

Spearmen detachment

After Don has completed deployment, it's time to roll to see who gets the first turn. As Dawn Attack rules, the second player that deploys can only go first (if he chooses so) on a roll of 6. So Don rolled and failed to get a 6. That means I get to move first! The basic movement is still the same as how we have played in the 7th edition and it poses no difficulty. I moved the necessary units as how I would wanted and well next would be.... magic!

It's a whole new gameplay in terms of magic for me. First off, I roll 2D6 for the number of power dice and then next would be choosing the spell and the target. Now, I could measure at anytime to make sure if I need to cast a spell at a normal casting value or to buff up the spell ( some buffs increases the range). Anyway, casting a spell using a lot of dice was fun, without worrying about double 1s. The only worry is if you cast with Irresistible Force and then suffer the consequences yourself. I think you could easily get off 1 or two spells quite easily in this new style of play. In this battle versus Don, I managed to cast The Enfeebling Foe from Lore of Shadows on Don's ogres causing a whole unit of ogres to lose D3 strength. And it's a Remains In Play spell! Ouch! The ogres with great weapons are hitting me at strength 3! This spell basically won me a big battle of 3 units.Ogres facing Empire charges from both sides

Close combat! Charging requires some luck now as you need to roll dice for the distance but in this battle, it didn't do too much difference. We managed to get into close combat as we wanted and some of the battle elements needs some getting used to. First of all, one thing we keep forgetting is taking Fear tests. Now, units have to do it every turn and failing that, your Weapon Skill is reduced to 1 (one!). Combat is more bloodier now as two ranks can fight and with spears, 3 ranks! A new aspect of close combat is at the end of the close combat, you calculate your Combat Resolutions (CR) and then the side that loses the CR have to take break tests. If your unit have more ranks than your opponent, you now have Steadfast meaning your unit is Stubborn! As seen in the picture above, my "hammer" unit and another knight unit is sandwiching Don's ogres but they will not break due to Steadfast! That battle lasted for three turns in which when I finally clears off his ranks that he finally loses the steadfast and fails the break test.

Shooting is pretty much the same as 7th edition with the exception on war machines! Now my cannon's hit far more easier (but I still roll 1s to wound :< ) and with effective hits from the Helstrom Rocket battery, Don suffered quite a bit before any combat has started taking place. My cannon didn't do much as pretty soon most of the units were in close combat but one thing for sure, if there were any big monsters around, they would easily get shot very very early in the game.

In summary, the game versus Don was a huge truckload of fun and a good new experience for both of us. We both agree that now magic now has a big impact on game results and steadfast with a BSB nearby could almost make a unit unbreakable. Added with the new elements of terrain and new deployment style, it is not only whose army list would be stronger but you have to play your army right or you would still be at a disadvantage. Though Empire had won the day, but I believe the winner would be on the experience that both of us had gained. The 8th edition as I would say, it a lot of fun!