Tuesday, November 23, 2010

King Hakuna

"Secret meeting of forces - gathering of the dark side emerged and has wage war upon themselves in a private slugfest, happen outside knowledge of the world.... the king hakuna challenge has begun"....

to be revealed at 9pm November 24th 2010.....

King Hakuna Challenge - a 4 player mini tournament organized by themselves Leonard, Kwang, Alvin and Peng having their armies Ogre Kingdoms, Warriors of Chaos, Skaven and Beastmen against each other respectively. The first round was seen having Warriors of Chaos narrowly defeated the Beastmen while it took a long battle for Skaven to emerge victorious against the Ogres.

Next.... the battle for the title of King Hakuna Challenge! Warriors of Chaos vs Skaven

And.... we have a result!!!
Warriors of Chaos has won the challenge. It was a narrow win with only 60 plus points advantage! Let's congratulate our Warriors of Chaos for winning the King Hakuna challenge!

Gameforge 2010 Halloween Party

Nom nom noms..... we came, we ate, we drank and we had funz!!!

Here's some of the pictures of the events. More pictures available on our Facebook page: Gameforge Facebook

Jason with axe posing with Cowgirl. What will Jason do next???....

Starbucks and Tiger.

What would Halloween be without some scary faces?

Jason demanding his drink from Starbucks. He's not getting it without a fight!

Battle goes on during the party! Cling cling clang clang!

And of course.... magic of Halloween!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gameforge 2010 4th Quarter League

“So… you think you’re better than me? Really?”

We, here at Game Forge have come up with an answer to that question above and devised a fool proof way to prove it!

So it is with great pleasure to announce that starting 1st October 2010, Game Forge will be holding its FIRST quarterly Best Game Forger League! Now, we are based in Penang and as you know, we Penang-kia always like to do things a little differently. So here are:

  1. The league is open to ALL Game Forge members. Have you joined? Have you updated your member ship? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to either, then hey… you’ve qualified to be in the league! All you need to do now is register as a League Forger. No entrance fee required.

  2. This league will be open to BOTH Warhammer Fantasy Battles AND Warhammer 40k players. We are looking for the best player and don’t care which game system you play, as long as you play.

  3. The league will be held within the period between 1st October and 31st December 2010.

  4. In keeping with the gaming and modeling spirit, scoring will be done in the form of Markers on the League board which will be prominently displayed in the shop for all to see. Markers will be colour coded to indicate their value, i.e. 1 point and 2 points.

  5. Minimum size of games are fixed at 1,000 points per army list.

  6. For every game you start, that is deploy, then complete no less than 3 full Player turns, you and your opponent will earn a 1 point Marker each.

  7. If you play with FULL army of FULLY painted models (yes, that includes basing), you will instead earn a 2 point Marker. Those who use empty bases, paper cut outs or proxy models will not be entitled to this additional point. ‘Counts-as’ and Conversions models may be considered if they are in good taste though.

  8. In the event of multi player games, the above Markers will be awarded to all participants so long as they adhere to the above rules. I.e. 1 Point for playing till no less than after everyone has finished their Turn 3. And 2 points if you are playing a fully painted army with no proxies or empty bases or paper cut outs.

  9. Once you and your opponent(s) have finished your game, just approach any Game Forge staffer and collect your Markers for you to pin your achievements on the League board!

  10. Scores will be tallied and winners will be decided at 12.01am 1st January 2010 and decision by the organizers will be final.


Other than enjoying a LOT of Warhammer-ing, we are putting up for grabs the following:

Winner with the most points: MYR150 GameForge Store Voucher
1st Runner-Up with the second most points: MYR70 GameForge Store Voucher
2nd Runner-Up with the third most points: MYR30 GameForge Store Voucher
Consolation Prizes for the players with forth and fifth most points: MYR15 GameForge Store Voucher each.

Also, bragging rights come to any and all who wish to go for it.


Quick! Get your models assembled! Paint them up! Get those games in and start raking up those points. ‘Cause if you do it right, you might actually prove to be the GameForge #1 Leaguer of 2010!

See you on the grass mat!