Tuesday, November 23, 2010

King Hakuna

"Secret meeting of forces - gathering of the dark side emerged and has wage war upon themselves in a private slugfest, happen outside knowledge of the world.... the king hakuna challenge has begun"....

to be revealed at 9pm November 24th 2010.....

King Hakuna Challenge - a 4 player mini tournament organized by themselves Leonard, Kwang, Alvin and Peng having their armies Ogre Kingdoms, Warriors of Chaos, Skaven and Beastmen against each other respectively. The first round was seen having Warriors of Chaos narrowly defeated the Beastmen while it took a long battle for Skaven to emerge victorious against the Ogres.

Next.... the battle for the title of King Hakuna Challenge! Warriors of Chaos vs Skaven

And.... we have a result!!!
Warriors of Chaos has won the challenge. It was a narrow win with only 60 plus points advantage! Let's congratulate our Warriors of Chaos for winning the King Hakuna challenge!