Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Tale Of The Forgers


Here we are, the forgers that live in the North of Malaysia, we enjoy lifes and we love wargaming, Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy plays an important part of our life.

We got Empire Generals, who loves Kata King *, we got PRO ( Penang Rat Organization ) President Mr. Eugenitis, we got Penang Real Ogre Mr. Padios, we got Big Boob Marine Shen, we got Long Hair Demon Capes, we got Wear Specs Dwarf who love RPG, we got Cacat Pointy Ears, we got Terrain Master Reuben, we got another Big Size Ogre Jeff, Cheese Luke's Dogs and a bunch of new kids that trying their best to beat those freaks......

Although, they are some cool generals with experience in wars, still, they suffer a same syndrome, "Unpainted Models" syndrome, here comes the bet! 8 generals being enlisted for this campaign, in 1 month times, start from August 2010, they need to complete painting 500 points consist of cores, specials. Those who fail the task need to buy others PIZZA!!!

So a tale begin..., more stories coming up in issue #2.

to be continue.

* Kata King = A sorceror, a wizard, a sexy beauty. Find more of her stories in Sanctum Pen Forum.

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