Sunday, July 18, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Border Patrol Tournament 2010

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!
The lands of your empire are constantly being tested by enemy forces. Small bands of troops fight skirmishes almost on a daily basis.
Muster your own Border Patrol and defend your empire against all enemy encroaches!

GAMEFORGE PG. Presents a Warhammer Fa.ntasy Border Patrol Tournament.
Date: June 27th 2010
Max Army Size: 500pts.
Units must be painted with AT LEAST 3 colors.
Entry Fee is RM15

1st Place - Eugene (Skaven)
2nd - Kenneth (Daemons)
3rd - Peter Cheah (Bretonnians)

Participants of the competition

The winners of the tournament


  1. Had to post some pics for this!

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  3. Yup... just 2 of them. The rest please visit our facebook album.